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With over 15 years in the industry, Kylie decided to build upon her background as an Ella Bache-qualified beauty therapist and moved to London in 2010 to explore a more advanced practice of dermal therapy. She spent several years there training in medical aesthetic treatments.

Kylie worked alongside highly skilled cosmetic doctors, nurses and therapists, receiving extensive training and experience in anti-aging and correctional treatments using a wide range of different modalities.

Working with lasers, heat treatments, medical peels, medifacials, advanced electrolysis, microneedling, as well as body work for skin tightening and fat reduction Kylie gained significant experience in using a range of different active ingredients and cosmeceuticals.

Having continued that journey back in Sydney, Kylie created Ginger & Milk Beauty to bring all the best of her dermal therapy and beauty treatments together in one place.

Our Treatment Room

Ginger & Milk Beauty

“Ginger & Milk is a place where I can design and create tailored treatments using the most advanced technology and work with pure potent ingredients to achieve the best results- driven outcome for my clients.

The best thing about my job is being able to help people by correcting and enhancing skin health.

Seeing my clients’ confidence in their skin is the ultimate achievement